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About Me

I am a computer scientist specializing in computer graphics, vision, computational photography and human-computer interaction. I completed my PhD at MIT in 2016, where I was advised by Fredo Durand, and am now a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University working with Maneesh Agrawala.

A list of my publications can be found here

A selection of videos and talks about my research can be found here

UPDATE: Visual Rhythm and Beat (SIGGRAPH 2018)

I'm thrilled to finally be releasing Visual Rhythm and Beat, the work I presented at SIGGRAPH 2018:

The paper is online at this link, where I will also be posting more results and supplemental material soon.

More updates comin soon. Feel free to send inquiries or links to content you'd like to see dancified to EveryoneHasADance@gmail.com

Thanks! -Abe

Videos and Results:

Overview Video:

A video giving an overview of the project and what we can do.

Psy's Best Friend:

This example was a lot of fun to create. I found this Youtube channel for Dancing Nathan -- a dog that does this strange flailing trick on a chair, which kind of looks like off-beat dancing. I like to think that in his head he imagines that he and Psy are, like, super tight, and that he's dancing with Psy...

Barney Don't Need No Education:

This was one of the earliest retargeting examples I tried, and has always been a favorite of mine...

If you're happy and you know it play my jam:

More details soon: