Visual Rhythm and Beat (SIGGRAPH 2018)

Hey everyone -- I am currently presenting new work at SIGGRAPH 2018 titled "Visual Rhythm and Beat." Originally I planned to post this work online about a week ago, but my material relied a lot on fair use arguments for material under copyright. To avoid any possible legal conflicts, Stanford asked me to create new results using only original material, material licensed under creative commons, and material with explicit permission from artists (the work is about remixing music and video). As a result I'm delaying the public release of the supplemental material until the end of the month, which will likely coincide with a press release from Stanford. I'm really sorry for the delay. If anyone has questions about the work, please email me. -Abe

The work will be posted to this link

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I am a computer scientist specializing in computer graphics, vision, computational photography and human-computer interaction. I completed my PhD at MIT in 2016, where I was advised by Fredo Durand, and am now a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University working with Maneesh Agrawala.

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